Societal megatrends and business – operating, innovating and growing in a turbulent world

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09 April, 2018


WBCSD insights



Julian Hill-Landolt

  1. A world on the move – with significant shifts in the demographics (both young and aging populations), migration between and within countries, shifting centers of economic power from west to east, and the rapid growth of the online world.
  2. A world that is polarizing – where we see large splits between people’s access to human rights and basic needs, incomes within and between nations, political and societal participation, and levels of trust in institutions.
  3. A world that wants to work – where challenges grow in terms of the quantity and quality of work, the nature of work, and the very future of work itself.
  4. A world living beyond its means – not just in terms of environmental impact, but in the financial and social costs of our lifestyles, the impacts that that cost is having on our wellbeing, and the shifts in consumer attitudes that are occurring as a result.

These are the key societal areas that we believe can materially affect companies’ ability to operate, innovate, and grow. We invite you to browse through the document below to learn more about these material risks and opportunities today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

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