A recipe to reduce food loss and waste


23 June, 2020




Geneva, 23 June 2020: Reducing food loss and waste is one of the most important levers to transform our food system to achieve our healthy people healthy planet goal. Over the past months, BCG and WBCSD member SONAE, the Portuguese retailer, with support from WBCSD’s FReSH (Food Reform for Sustainability and Health) project, have conducted a project aimed at identifying the most impactful solutions throughout the value chain, to reduce fruit and vegetable loss and waste.

BCG and FReSH organized a workshop with FReSH member companies and Sonae suppliers, which allowed to identify roughly 50 potential solutions to specific sources of loss and waste in the supply chain. Nine promising solutions were then pre-selected for their highest levels of feasibility and potential impact; and five were prioritized to pilot. This paper presents these five pilots and their results.

WBCSD, through its various projects across the food and agriculture program area, supports businesses in their collaborative efforts to reduce food loss and waste by improving supply chain efficiencies and infrastructure, as well as exploring and elevating innovative circular economy approaches. As part of its work, FReSH shares successful industry solutions such as the ones explored in this paper developed by BCG and Sonae, in order to inspire other companies and guide them in along their individual and collaborative journeys.