WBCSD to join Good Food For All initiative – A new voice to drive collective action for Food Systems Transformation

Published: 7 Oct 2020
Type: News

The Good Food For All Narrative is an initiative developed by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub with partners across civil society, UN Agencies and the private sector to reframe how we talk about Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2), to complement SDG2’s current Zero Hunger frame. 

Good Food For All aims to create a fresh new way of speaking about the opportunities and challenges of agriculture, nutrition and food that mobilizes the public and garners investment to accelerate SDG2 action. Shifting away from technical jargon, this food focused conversation places equity front and center with “for all” in its tagline and invites diverse, new voices into the conversation. 

WBCSD invite our members to join the Good Food for All initiative

Business plays a key role in helping drive collective action for Food Systems Transformation. In the context of next year Food System Summit, we are excited to mobilize our joint efforts and support the Good Food For All Campaign.  We will be amplifying the voice of leading businesses by collecting the voices of our members to raise awareness about what good food means to them, either as companies or as individuals and what the ultimate goal is: Zero hunger. These quotes will be displayed on our WBCSD channels (web, social media).

How to take part in the campaign?

  1. Write a short quote (max 50 words), answering the question “What good food means to me”. You can start with: “For me, good food is about…” or “For me, good food means…”. You can select who the best spokesperson for your company would be as it should be both personal and representative of the leading work by your business.
  2. Add your name, title, company + social handles.
  3. Send your text + high resolution profile picture to Sylvain Maibach, WBCSD Food & Nature Communication.

 Many thanks for your participation in this critically important endeavor!

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