Food Action Alliance selects the Farmer First Clusters as a flagship initiative

Published: 27 Jun 2023
Author: The Soft Commodities Forum
Type: Insight

The Food Action Alliance, a multi-stakeholder platform hosted by the World Economic Forum with 35 partner institutions, has identified the Soft Commodities Forum’s Farmer First Clusters as one of its flagship initiatives for advancing national food systems strategies. The Farmer First Clusters joins a portfolio of Brazilian initiatives with a collective mission to address the country’s food system priorities by enacting on-the-ground impact in key areas and inspiring increased commitment and action toward sustainable food systems.


"The Food Action Alliance’s portfolio of partner-led initiatives, both individually and collectively, push the boundaries of food systems transformation in support of country and regional priorities. We are thrilled to elevate and provide strategic support to the Farmer First Clusters in its work to avoid deforestation and conversion and to improve agricultural sustainability in the Brazilian Cerrado.”  

 - Adam Gerstenmier, Executive Director, Food Action Alliance

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