Soft Commodities Forum

Global demand for food – and soft commodities such as soy – continues to grow as the population expands to an anticipated 9 billion people by 2050, accompanied by growth in incomes. These trends put pressure on land use and pose challenges for agricultural supply chain sustainability. Our Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) brings together six major agribusinesses to advance collective action on a conversion-free soy supply chain. We are working in partnership with governments, producers, consumers and civil society to create a safer, more sustainable food system.

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    The challenge

    Agriculture is an important economic engine in Brazil, guaranteeing the livelihoods and food security of millions of people. In the Cerrado, Brazil’s latest agricultural frontier, rapid agricultural development has come at a cost, with increasing conversion of native vegetation and the loss of invaluable ecosystems. The Soft Commodities Forum finds solutions that reconcile economic development with environmental protection by increasing soy supply chain transparency and collectively investing in initiatives that support growers producing soy in a sustainable and profitable way.

    The business case

    Consumers are demanding more transparency around food production and responsible sourcing. The private sector – working in partnership with governments and civil society – can advance efforts to create a safer, more sustainable food system. By increasing transparency across their soy supply chains, Soft Commodities Forum companies also accelerate their own commitments and help their customers do the same. Balancing environmental, social and economic interests in the agriculture sector requires the engagement and participation of all actors in solutions.

    The solution

    Our common monitoring and reporting methodology for the Cerrado biome has increased supply chain traceability and transparency, aiming for 100% direct supplier to farm traceability by end 2020. We are identifying and supporting relevant landscape initiatives, collaborating with producers on the ground, such as through partnerships with Solidaridad and with the Produce, Conserve, Include initiative (PCI) in Western Bahia and Mato Grosso. Partnerships and collaboration across the value chain are critical to helping us achieve our ambition of sustainable soy supply chains, from farm to fork.

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