IPCC Special Report Climate Change and Land – Summary for Business

Published: 8 Aug 2019
Type: Publication

The IPCC Report “Climate Change and Land” is part of IPCC’s Special Reports series coming out as part of its Sixth Assessment Cycle. This publication follows on from other major scientific reports (i.e. EAT Lancet, WRI, IPBES) that are sounding a clear alarm on the urgency to act now. Our future depends on our ability to create a food and land use system that supports healthy people and a healthy planet as well as our ability to promote sustainable and healthy diets for all.

The report is one of the first to look into the linkages between land management and climate change. The report finds that sustainable land management is a tool to combat climate change and is also urgently needed to keep land productive to improve food security. The report sets out options to tackle land degradation, prevent or adapt to further climate change and examines potential impacts from different levels of global warming.

View the full IPCC report

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