Food & Agriculture Roadmap – Chapter on Healthy and Sustainable Diets

Published: 10 Nov 2020
Type: Publication

The private sector is responsible for almost all the food produced, sold and consumed globally. Therefore, businesses have a central role to play in improving food production and consumption patterns worldwide. The Food and Agriculture Roadmap calls on companies to work actively to address the issues of healthy and environmentally sustainable production and consumption by delivering integrated solutions to transform food systems.

What is it about:

The Healthy and Sustainable Diets chapter of the Roadmap provides a common narrative, identifies gaps, and highlight new opportunities for bold private sector action around four themes corresponding to the body of work developed by FReSH around: positive nutrition, proteins, plant-forward foods, and consumer behavior change. The Roadmap maps out the key action areas and a series of business-led solutions to achieve dietary shifts and reduce food waste, covering direct pathway 3: “Shift diets to be healthy and sustainable” and [partially] 4: “Minimize food loss and waste,” from the CEO Guide to Food System Transformation.

Key findings:

The transformational targets proposed in this chapter fall within two categories: diet and nutrition, and food waste, and they are drawn from the most relevant existing scientific and sector-specific literature – produced by EAT-Lancet, the FOLU Coalition, the FABLE Consortium, WHO, FAO, WRI, WBCSD and the United Nations. The suggested targets are a call to action for the food and agriculture sector to achieve a drastic global change and provide healthy, accessible, enjoyable food for all, produced in a socially responsible manner within planetary boundaries.

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