Spotlight on FReSH action highlights business’s role in food system transformation

Published: 22 Oct 2018
Type: News

Geneva, 23 October 2018: Food has always played a vital role in society, but the world is facing complex challenges associated with the global production, distribution and consumption of food. The food landscape requires change to eradicate undernutrition and obesity, minimize environmental damage and ensure long-term food security.

As FReSH, we are excited to launch our Spotlight on FreSH action publication at the WBCSD Council Meeting in Singapore. Developed in collaboration with BCG, this publication speaks to CEOs and executives to drive high-level leadership to support FReSH solutions both within member companies and beyond.

With its impact and reach, the global food system is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By contributing to the SDGs, food and agriculture players don’t just create a more sustainable food system but can also realize many business opportunities with significant value creation.

The Spotlight on FReSH action publication illustrates the current challenges of the global food system and what steps the private sector can and needs to take to move towards a more healthy and sustainable global food system. It further outlines the business case and shows how the private sector can contribute through platforms such as FReSH.

FReSH is a key WBCSD project, which emerged from our partnership with the EAT Foundation. FReSH takes a systemic ‘fork to farm’ approach starting with what people consume and focusing on the dietary and production shifts that are required for the food system to stay well within environmental limits. FReSH brings together food system actors to develop and implement transformative business solutions, aligned with science-based targets.

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