Hot Spots for Renewable Heat (Decarbonizing Low- to Medium-Temperature Industrial Heat Across the G-20)

Published: 13 Sep 2021
Type: Publication

Demand for industrial products has risen considerably in the past two decades, along with energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Process heat in industry accounts for 29% of global final energy demand, and carbon dioxide emissions that are roughly equal in size to total emissions from the transportation sector.

 As the world looks to meet climate targets, decarbonizing industrial heat will be crucial. WBCSD collaborated with BloombergNEF to develop a report that seeks to point industrial end-users towards attractive markets for renewable heat, based on wide variety of market conditions, policy environments, and resource availability. It is particularly focused on decarbonizing heat up to temperatures of 400°C, where solutions exist that are ready to be deployed today – though they face some challenges.

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