There is no single repository of information about the existing initiatives around plastics circularity.

Having no access to the whole picture, there is a risk of duplicating initiatives with similar goals and deliverables and generating divergent solutions which creates complexity for companies. To address this gap, we are developing jointly with our members a data base that lists and characterizes these initiatives and ultimately, will enable the discussion for greater coordination and collaboration with the goal to reduce the flow of plastic waste in the environment.

The challenge


To transition their company to circular plastics and packaging our members are willing to join initiatives in which they can advance their sustainability agenda together with their value chain and other sectors of the industry.

However, there is a myriad of initiatives, and our members are often facing the challenge to understand their relevance and where to engage resources.

The business case


Global initiatives, often cross sectors, enable companies to have better understanding of the best practices, R&D work areas and capital required to increase the circularity of their plastics & packaging.

These initiatives’ outcome serves as a north star for company investment on plastics sustainability.

The solution


Develop a repository of the most relevant global, strategic plastic circularity initiatives, referenced with objectives of the initiative, membership and an assessment of credibility and probable impact.

This tool will help business to navigate through the multitudes of circularity initiatives as well as provide visibility of their expected outputs such as commitments, guidelines, etc.

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