Companies can improve the traffic flows in cities as their employees constitute a large part of commuters within and between urban areas.

By adopting sustainable mobility policies, incentives and infrastructure, businesses can help reduce congestion and improve air quality, while at the same time encourage a healthy lifestyle among staff. Corporate mobility pacts (CMPs) encourage corporate leadership to take practical actions and open a constructive dialogue with local authorities to manage and improve mobility, as well as increase its sustainability.

The challenge


Corporate leaders who wish to take ambitious actions to reduce their mobility impact in cities often struggle to adapt existing mobility solutions to their needs, while public decision-makers need solutions that serve as many citizens as possible.

Aligning ambitions and actions across a wide group of stakeholders in a city requires great coordination and often prevents the growth required to achieve an impact.

The business case


Large employers have the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of their employees’ mobility while enhancing well-being and the quality of life in their city.

Local coalitions of businesses that collaborate to bring solutions to common challenges can help to reduce the costs of the transition to sustainable mobility. In addition, a dialogue with the local public authorities can help to coordinate and accelerate changes in urban mobility to reduce air and noise pollution in cities and make commuting more sustainable.

The solution


The CMP can catalyze corporate leadership and strengthen public-private collaboration toward sustainable mobility in cities.

The Pact is grounded in the principles of collaboration, commitment, transparency and security, and helps the signatories and the city to implement mobility-related actions to support a transition to a safer, greener and more efficient mobility system for all. After a successful implementation of a CMP in Lisbon, we are now looking for partners among cities and companies to expand this project in other geographies.

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Thomas Deloison

Director, Mobility