This step-by-step methodology provides clear guidance on how the chemical sector can contribute to change across the spectrum of the SDGs, unlocking their value by actioning key impact opportunities.

Today, the WBCSD Chemicals Group supports its members in advancing their ambitions on the SDG Roadmap, providing greater coordination across the business solutions within WBCSD

The challenge


For the sector to overcome these complexities and fully unlock the potential of the solutions greater pre-competitive collaboration amongst industry peers will be required.

The business case


The solution


  • Provides a pre-competitive platform to identify and address sustainability topics specific to the sector and operations. This promotes a fair environment, encouraging greater collaboration where early adoption is rewarded and drives transformation by elevating the sector as a whole.
  • Offers insights into the latest benchmarking and sustainability trends relevant to the sector. Supporting its members to identify risks and anticipate solutions, ensuring the group remains at the forefront of sustainability.

Impact on SDGs

The scale and diversity of the industry provide it with widespread opportunities to contribute to the realization of the SDG agenda by 2030.
In order to maximize the sector’s contribution to the agenda, it is necessary for the sector to prioritize the SDGs where it has the most influence or the most ability to drive innovation, transformation and impact through leveraging its role in the value chain.


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Anne-Laure Brison

Senior Manager, Chemicals Group

Jeff Turner

Senior Advisor-Pathways