Key learnings from OP2B member initiatives

Published: 1 Mar 2022
Type: Publication

One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) is a unique cross-sectorial, action-oriented business coalition on biodiversity with a specific focus on agriculture. Founded in September 2019, the coalition is committed to transforming agricultural systems and catalyzing action to protect and restore cultivated and natural biodiversity. OP2B’s work is organised around three pillars: regenerative agriculture, biodiverse product portfolios, and high value natural ecosystems.

In the last decade, OP2B members have acted to support change of agricultural practices on the ground and across their supply chains. The organization has documented these efforts over the last two years through preparing 60 case studies of member company pilot projects and initiatives — constituting the basis of this publication.

The 60 cases cover all three of OP2B’s pillars, while involving different geographies (from North America to Africa and Asia) as well as different parts of the agricultural value chain (including fruits and vegetables, cereals, coffee, coconut and cocoa, dairy and palm oil).

The cases were developed to understand the context, objectives, challenges, and successes of each company’s pilot or initiative. Structured interviews were used to confirm OP2B member company observations and prepare a synthesis of the key findings that appear in this document.

The first aim of the case documentation is to help companies that might be planning to launch their own pilot projects on biodiversity regeneration in the agriculture space. The second is to highlight policy levers that, if actioned, would enable companies to accelerate and scale up their efforts to realise a more biodiverse and regenerative agricultural system.

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