Roadmaps to Nature Positive

Nature can provide effective and scalable climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk reduction, economic and social development, human health, food security, water security, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss solutions. Research shows that solutions based on nature could deliver a third of the emissions reductions needed between now and 2030 to limit global warming. Similar opportunities exist to use nature to deliver clean water, defend against floods and enhance human health and well-being. We see an opportunity to create an avalanche of solutions, based on nature that will help us to halt nature loss, achieve nature-positive by 2030 and full recovery by 2050. 

The Challenge

The WEF New Nature Economy Report Series as well as the BCG’s report on biodiversity highlights the need for transformation of 3 key socio-economic sectors that have a significant opportunity and responsibility to reverse nature loss. These systems represent over 1/3 of the global economy and drive threats that engender almost 80% of the total threatened and near-threatened species. 

The Business Case

Business has a unique opportunity to re-design its relationship with nature and embrace the much-needed transformation now. Building on their existing efforts towards addressing climate change, business can adopt integrated approach will allow business to halt the loss of biodiversity as well as have a positive impact on nature, climate and people, leading to more resilient business as well as society. 

The Business Solution

The Nature Action project is identifying the building blocks that set the level of ambition and guide business to credibly contribute to Nature-Positive outcomes, building on existing frameworks and guidance. The steps include actions that business can start implementing now, while waiting for the development of science-based targets for Nature. The project will also deliver Roadmaps for the 3 key socio-economic systems: land use, built environment and energy. The Roadmaps will lay out actions, guidance, case studies, indicators, and data for business case across sectors, maturity levels on sustainability and stages in the supply chain.

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