Roadmaps to Nature Positive

The Roadmap to Nature Positive is an action framework for business that defines a process through which specific sectors can put actions in place that help them get ready to set science-based targets for nature, report against the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), while contributing to the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework with the overall aim of operating within planetary boundaries. 

All business across sectors can engage in the roadmaps, no matter which stage they are at on their nature journey. By mobilizing companies from across sectors and value chains, it will progressively bring about the scale needed to transform industrial systems and value chains.

    The Challenge

    Four major value chains account for about 90% pressures on nature, which map to three broader socio-economic systems that also deliver significant business opportunities. For that reason, we have prioritized the development of roadmaps for the land use system (including a Forest Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap and the Agriculture Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap), for the infrastructure and the built environment system (Built Environment Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap) and for the extractives and energy system (Energy Sector Nature-positive Roadmap).

    The Business Case

    Business has a unique opportunity to re-design its relationship with nature and embrace the much-needed transformation now. Building on their existing efforts and climate change strategies, business can reframe their thinking and adopt an integrated approach that will allow business to halt the loss of biodiversity as well as have a positive impact on nature, climate and people, leading to more resilient business as well as society. 

    To accelerate business readiness, we envision the roadmaps to build business confidence by providing targeted guidance on actions that can be taken to assess, commit, transform and disclose across sectors and value chains, with signposting to specific tools and frameworks.

    The Business Solution

    Following a multistakeholder process, WBCSD launched the “building blocks” which set out the core components needed for any company to put in place strategies that are aligned with a nature-positive world by 2030 and get ready for SBTs for nature and nature-related financial disclosures.

    The roadmaps will help business (1) to develop a strategy that is aligned with a nature-positive world, (2) mobilize productive and consumptive parts of their value chain in the same direction and (3) collectively identify and address barriers for transformation in sectoral systems. 

    The framework for the roadmaps is derived from high-level actions in existing frameworks, including the Natural Capital Protocol, Science Based Targets Network Initial Guidance and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures Framework, overlaid with the implications of the Global Goal for Nature.

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