Nature-based Solutions Guidance

Nature can provide effective and scalable climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk reduction, economic and social development, human health, food security, water security, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss solutions. Research shows that solutions based on nature could deliver a third of the emissions reductions needed between now and 2030 to limit global warming. Similar opportunities exist to use nature to deliver clean water, defend against floods and enhance human health and well-being. We see an opportunity to create an avalanche of solutions, based on nature.

The Challenge

Organizations have developed several approaches to and definitions of nature-based solutions due to the rising need for and interest in solutions based on nature. The concept of natural climate solutions has also given rise to solutions addressing climate change. Given growing interest in both public and private investment in nature-based solutions, there needs to be a clear and agreed rationale and mechanism to ensure alignment on what is a nature-based solution (and what is not) and also on how to measure progress and value delivered in solving societal challenges.

The Business Case

Our members have been actively working for several years on developing and financing solutions such natural climate solutions. To promote the implementation of scalable and impactful solutions, clarity on these approaches and definitions is essential. Creating a definition that aligns natural climate solutions, nature-based solutions for climate and the broader range of nature-based solutions is vital to scaling up implementation.

The Business Solution

Our Nature Action project is developing guidance to help business navigate the nature landscape, including nature-based solutions, nature-based solutions for climate and key performance indicators. Project members have a key role in the review process and can showcase their leadership in the implementation of nature-based solutions in case studies and through experience-sharing at webinars and events. The publications and webinars aim to boost business solutions based on nature and contribute to scaling up implementation.

News and Insights


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