Soft Commodities Forum Progress Report, June 2021

Published: 24 Jun 2021
Type: Publication

The Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) brings together leading global agribusiness to find collective solutions to some of the most pressing sustainability challenges in their value chain. Working to eliminate soy-driven deforestation and conversion in the Brazilian Cerrado, the group published their fifth progress report in June 2021, and a new digital reporting platforms to ensure better, more consistent communication with its key stakeholders.

In this latest report, the six member companies of the Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) announce they are expanding their scope to cover additional municipalities in the Cerrado region. The project now targets 70 percent of all recent soy-driven conversion in the biome, substantially expanding its scope to drive faster and more impactful progress on soy-driven deforestation and conversion. This increase will help to build a more complete picture of where deforestation is happening, allowing companies to address the issue more effectively.

The SCF also continues to drive progress towards their collective ambition to eliminate soy driven deforestation from high-risk landscapes through traceability of supply, engagement of customers in shared solutions and positive transformation of landscapes in partnership with producers.

Access the new SCF Reporting digital platform here.

Download the SCF Progress Report June 2021:

English version

Portuguese version

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