Summary Report: Water Stewardship Action Learning Project with Halcyon Agri and HeveaConnect

Published: 16 Jan 2020
Type: Publication

The importance of water in ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future is clear. Without responsible and inclusive stewardship of this critical resource, all aspects of development are threatened. Yet the many challenges in achieving responsible water stewardship are diverse and complex. In a globalized world, water stress is one of the standout challenges of our time and affects all regions. Pressures on water are increasing globally due to many factors including population growth, economic growth, increasing demand for food production, and climate change. Sustainable and responsible water use is necessary to protect and ensure all water needs, now and in the future.

This Action Learning Project of the Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) was a collaboration between the Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia-Pacific Indonesia, Halcyon Agri Corporation , and HeveaConnect. It aims to provide GAA members with insights into the process and outputs of water stewardship trajectories. This project is driven by HeveaConnect’s water stewardship ambitions as a digital marketplace for sustainably-processed natural rubber and is seen as an opportunity to set standards for sustainably-processed natural rubber and promote the uptake of good water stewardship in the rubber sector. 

Please download the summary report for key outcomes and lessons learned from the Action Learning Project. 

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