How are we making a difference? GAA Q3 Summary Progress Report

Published: 17 Oct 2019
Type: Publication

Global attention is increasingly focused on our food and land use systems. Agribusinesses represent over USD $5 trillion in global trade and support the livelihoods of 2.5 billion people. Agriculture has also been clearly linked with the world’s unprecedented challenges: addressing climate change and biodiversity loss whilst providing food and resources for a growing population.

It is essential that those with greatest exposure and influence operating closest to the farmgate are positioned to inform emerging regulation and new sourcing requirements. The Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) is a multi-commodity and cross-geography CEO-led platform for supply-side advocacy and action.

Download this Q3 2019 Progress Report to learn more about the work of GAA across and beyond its four workstreams: sustainable landscapes, livelihoods, water stewardship, and food loss and waste.

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