Global Agribusiness Action on Equitable Livelihoods Agri-SME Digital Finance Platform and User Guide

Published: 1 Sep 2020
Type: Publication

The GAA-EL Agri-SME Digital Finance Platform is built on the Artha Networks Inc. (ANI) platform and aims to:

1) Deploy a market-based mechanism (securing productive finance) to improve agri-SME performance and small farmer welfare; and

2) Leverage the network and knowledge assets of the agribusiness sector.

The platform will be populated with transaction-seeking supply (finance) and demand-side (SME) actors to strengthen agri-SME capacities, supply-chains and rural economies. GAA member companies each have a pre-populated profile in the system.

It is well documented, but not widely enough practiced, that pursuing enterprise- and market-based solutions to poverty can generate truly significant developmental gains.

Please access the platform here

You may download the User Guide using the DOWNLOAD button on the left. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the criteria for eligible agribusinesses to register as Enterprises?

Any registered and trading agribusiness SME will be approved as an Enterprise.

2. What is the cost/charge?

For the first 6 months (to end February 2021) access to, registration on, deal creation and implementation support is provided by GAA at no-cost. Beyond February 2021 only GAA members will have free access to the platform as Enterprises and those agri-SMEs that joined before February 2021 will retain free access as well.

3. What is the minimum level of detail an Enterprise needs to register?

An Enterprise must have one registered User profile with a unique email address associated with it.  First name, Last name and Company name are also required.

4. What is the minimum level of detail required to create a new Deal?

Creating a ‘Deal’ on the platform is a signal to the network that one is seeking finance (raising debt, grant or equity).  One should be prepared to indicate how much and what kind of capital (investment structure) and proposed use of funds. Please be sure to scroll down under Terms and Conditions and accept the ‘terms of service’ in order to be able to save your entry for the deal pipeline.

5. Who can see the profiles or information posted by Users?

Any user can see the personal and company profiles of other users, but cannot necessarily initiate a 'connection request’ as in the case of an Enterprise seeking to connect with an Investor.  Investors must initiate the connection request first with an Enterprise.   Only investors, service providers and support organizations can see the full deal pipeline.  Enterprises cannot see what other enterprises are currently requiring or raising, unless they are added to a specific ‘diligence deal room’ by a peer entrepreneur.  The bespoke due diligence process, chat, etc. facilitated directly between an Investor and an Enterprise is visible only to those who are invited into the diligence deal room.

6. Who can initiate contact or connection with other Users?           

All users can initiate or connect with other users with the exception of Enterprises and Investors. In this relationship, only Investors can initiate contact with an Enterprise.

7. What kind of scale are eligible Deals?

Any size, but typically between USD $5,000 – $2 million.

8. Does the platform support or host legal or financial transactions?

No. The platform is a knowledge-sharing and network-building tool only. All legal and financial transactions must be executed offline outside of the platform.

9. Is reporting performance mandatory?

No, any post-investment reporting requirement is stipulated by and agreed with the investor and is not mandatory.

10. How does the platform facilitate due-diligence and screening by investors, and is this a mandatory step applied to all deals?

Due diligence is optional and left to the discretion of an Enterprise and their interested Investor so no, it is not mandatory. The platform includes 17 modules with associated questions that currently form the default optional due diligence: for example company financial and operational analysis to social impact gender lens and risk assessment.

11. Is post-investment reporting mandatory?

Post-investment reporting once money is received is not required in the system but is recommended to Users to build a track record or history of action.

12. How many deals can one Enterprise post?

There is no limit to the number of ‘deals’ that any one Enterprise can post.

13. What is the difference between the enterprise profile and its associated “deal”?

Every enterprise can create its static company profile and provide information about where it's located, who runs it, what its mission, core products/services, and other attributes are.  A ‘deal’ is created when an Enterprise conveys its current financing requirement and type.

14. How is the data protected?

Data protection on the platform is in line with global norms and standards e.g. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  All users involved explicitly opt-in to use and have full context regarding the treatment, storage and usage of their data on the system.

15. What kind of implementation support is available?

An online User Guide in PDF format, downloadable from the GAA website. Email support via info@globalagribusinessalliance or for access to monthly online training sessions.

16. Where can I go for further information and support?

Please contact

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