Positive Nutrition

Today’s food consumption patterns are driving a global health crisis, with the coexistence of undernutrition, overnutrition and obesity. Packaged and processed foods have a role to play in meeting the need for nutritious, safe, affordable and accessible food.  

The Challenge

Globally, micronutrient deficiency affects more than 2 billion people, with the developing world shouldering most of the burdens. At the same time, around 2 billion adults are overweight, of whom 600 million are obese. This “double burden of malnutrition” results in several health complications. Although the processing of food is critical to food storage, safety, convenience and taste, and to minimizing food loss and waste, the nutritional quality of a significant portion of processed and packaged foods must improve.  

The Business Case

Demand for products that create net-positive impacts for health and the environment is a major growth driver for food companies. The business community is starting to recognize the scale of new market opportunities arising from food system evolution and is implementing the investment solutions required to finance the new food and land-use economy. Food product reformulation can help maintain product taste, texture, appearance, functionality, safety, shelf life and accessibility, change dietary intakes by creating new products, change a company’s image as an innovative player and enhance food fortification by increasing micronutrients, especially in developing countries. 

The Business Solution

Our goal to optimize the overall nutrition quality of processed and packaged foods in all food systems through the development of tools and the sharing of best practices and frameworks that support company and sector development. We support food companies as they evolve their product portfolios and reformulate packaged and transformed foods to increase the amount of positive nutrients.

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