Positive Consumption

Today’s evolving diets are outstripping planetary resources and generating global health crises of both over- and undernutrition. Helping consumers choose healthy, sustainable foods has the potential to pull our entire food system in a positive direction by generating demand for companies to develop and prioritize products that are good for people and the planet.

The Challenge

The ability of and potential for companies to increase the health and sustainability of their product portfolios is largely driven by consumer demand, yet consumers do not always have the desire, tools or ability to choose these options. 

The Business Case

Producing healthy, sustainable products has been shown to build intangible value, minimize risk, grow revenue, and attract and retain top talent. Nevertheless, the extent to which companies can reformulate and innovate within their own product lines is largely driven by market demand. Through a focus on growing demand and making it easier for consumers to consistently choose healthier, more sustainable foods, we support companies in making their portfolios healthier and more sustainable, which in turn supports our common goal to sustain healthy people and a healthy planet. 

The Business Solution

FReSH members involved in this workstream are working to nudge consumers to choose healthier, more sustainable foods more often by considering multiple food choice drivers including access to more information about a product, personal preference, social pressures, convenience, and affordability. We support companies in driving demand for healthy and sustainable food through building shared knowledge on best practice related to behavior change intervention, contributing to global narratives, and developing principles on topics such as environmental and nutritional labeling. We also incorporate insights from behavioral science and economics to influence the environments within which consumers make food choices. 

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