Natural Climate Solutions

As a subset of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) help nature do what it’s been doing for millions of years: sequester and store carbon. Research shows that these solutions could provide up to one-third of the climate mitigation needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. However, despite their massive potential, current levels of investment into NCS would need to triple by 2030 and increase four-fold by 2050 to meet global climate targets. We’re working to unlock this potential by helping businesses to understand the crucial role that natural climate solutions can play in enabling the transition to net zero while delivering core benefits for climate, nature and people.

    The challenge

    We face unprecedented, intertwined crises: the climate emergency, nature loss and mounting inequality. Natural Climate Solutions provide companies with an opportunity to address climate change while also contributing to nature recovery and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. However, a scale-up of investment in nature is required if a future where 9+ billion people live well and within planetary boundaries by mid-century is to stay within reach. Crucially, to build and maintain trust in NCS, investments need to be made with integrity, adhering to rigorous standards of quality for both supply and demand.

    The business case

    NCS are a crucial channel for the private sector to direct finance to natural ecosystems. Companies with the highest ambition are delivering internal decarbonization while also investing in NCS as part of their Beyond Value Chain Mitigation. The private sector is embracing these solutions, which are cost-effective, ready to deploy now at scale and provide a myriad of core benefits for nature and people, including increased resilience.  As the momentum for net zero grows and more companies seek to meet climate targets, NCS approaches will receive more and more investment – including via credits and the markets they are traded on.

    The solution

    Unlocking the full potential of NCS needs more ambition and action, both as part of value chain decarbonization and as a source of credits for Beyond Value Chain Mitigation. The companies working together on NCS at WBCSD generate guidance, develop tools and build coalitions focused on key challenges to the scale-up and deployment of high-quality NCS. Throughout this process, we coordinate with relevant initiatives such as the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the NCS Alliance, the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM) and the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) to build clarity and consistency for the private sector.

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