Circular Transition Indicators (CTI)

    The momentum to step away from a take-make-waste economic model is growing and we see both the private and public sectors to begin setting ambitious circular targets. Transparency and alignment are critical to establishing a common language across industries and governments.

    For this reason, together with 30 of our member companies, we have developed a universal and transparent framework to measure circularity. The Circular Transition Indicators (CTI), now in its fourth edition, is a simple, objective and quantitative framework that can be applied to businesses of all industries, sizes, value chain positions and geographies.

    Built by business, for business, CTI provides companies with a common language to use for internal decision-making and communicating with key stakeholders. 

    Explore how we drive circularity in the fashion industry

    The CTI framework

    The CTI framework is simple, applicable across industries and value chains, comprehensive yet flexible, complementary to a company’s existing sustainability efforts and agnostic as to material, sector or technology.

    Although the use of common indicators for circularity performance is essential to accelerating the transition to the circular economy, the value of CTI for a company goes beyond the calculation in the guidance, analysis and explanation for how circularity drives company performance. The CTI process helps companies’ scope and prepare the assessment and interpret its results, understand its risks and opportunities, prioritize actions and establish SMART targets to monitor progress. 

    CTI Academy

    The CTI Academy offers several services to learn more about the Circular Transition Indicators. Depending on your needs, availability and time, these are a few channels through which we can get you up to speed on what CTI is, how it works and how it can help your company.

    The CTI tool

    Digitization and smart software solutions enable companies to accelerate their transition towards the circular economy. We partnered with Circular IQ to develop the free online tool that supports and guides companies through the CTI process. The tool structures data, calculates the outcome and helps companies to draw conclusions and formulate actions. It can support users to reach out to internal stakeholders or value chain partners for data requests that avoid confidentiality issues.

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