Building a global action agenda for built environment market transformation

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05 October, 2023


WBCSD insights



Roland Hunziker, Director, Built Environment

George Oliver, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls
Alan Brookes, CEO, Arcadis
Jetta Wong, Senior Advisor on Climate, US General Services Administration
Diane Holdorf, Executive Vice President, WBCSD
Justin Travlos, Global Head of Responsible Investments, AXA IM Alts
Benoit Bazin, CEO, Saint-Gobain
Lena Hök, EVP Sustainability and Innovation, Skanska
  • We need to raise the profile of the built environment as a fundamental enabler of the energy transition and guarantor of a healthy and prosperous life.  
  • We need short-term actions (in 2024) and results, and more examples of collaborative initiatives between companies to reach critical mass, not only individual company actions;  
  • We need to get better at collecting lessons learned and sharing them widely;  
  • It is fundamental to agree on some basic common principles and standards to overcome the fragmentation;  
  • It is critical to make the business case by reducing the risks and increasing the benefits of decarbonization;  
  • Finally, we need to send a clear signal to governments around the world urging them to set a high ambition through their regulations, actions and building codes, because the building sector stakeholders are ready for ambitious and predictable regulations.  

It’s actually a whole system of solutions that’s needed. It’s not just about the materials, the technical, electronic, or digital solutions, or, for that part, the energy, the financing, or the regulations. It is all mixed together, and what’s needed is concrete action.

Lena Hök, EVP Sustainability and Innovation, Skanska

If we scale the technology that exists today, we can dramatically reduce emissions from the built environment. We all know what we have to do. We need ambitious goals, but it is also critical to have a glide path, so you know what you have to achieve every year.

Dave Regnery, Chair and CEO, Trane Technologies