Kicking circular fashion into high gear

Published: 5 Jul 2023
Type: Publication

The fashion industry's linear "take-make-waste" model is not sustainable, leading to wasteful practices and detrimental environmental impacts. By embracing circular approaches, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce the industry's climate and nature impact while unlocking economic opportunities.

To drive the adoption of a circular economy in the fashion industry, we propose a standardized approach for measuring circularity using the globally recognized Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) framework. This white paper, the first milestone of the CTI Fashion Initiative, outlines what harmonized standards, metrics and best practices could mean for fashion and textile companies. It also defines the scope for dedicated sector guidance on measuring circularity, which we will release later in 2023.

We invite companies and industry stakeholders to provide feedback on this white paper to ensure the specific needs of the fashion industry are reflected in the upcoming sector guidance. Please click here to provide your feedback.

View the white paper.

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