Policy and Financing

There has been a surge in laws and policies globally related to plastics and packaging driven by concerns about the environmental and social impact caused by plastic waste leaking into the environment and the need to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

    The challenge

    Whereas an enabling policy environment is key to support the business transition to circularity, different rules and targets across jurisdictions can be challenging for a company operating in multiple markets. Navigating these multiple policies is crucial for companies to align business strategy and operations.

    The business case

    Business needs a standardized and enabling regulatory framework to support their transition to a circular economy – and policies that make sense across the plastic value chain – from design for circularity and materials composition to collection schemes, waste management or re-use systems as well as financing mechanisms.

    The solution

    We will support our members understand this policy space, help them navigate the challenges, and develop forward-looking policy recommendations from a plastic value chain perspective to help drive forward the circular economy.

    Our scope of work includes policies promoting the increase of recycled content in packaging; policies around circular and sustainable packaging including alternative plastics; and ESG reporting requirements on companies related to plastics.

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