Water Stewardship

Water is an essential part of the manufacturing, delivery and use of products and services. Uncertainties and dilemmas associated with water consumption affect almost every company. Without improvements in water management and use, the world could face a 40% supply gap by 2030. Businesses need to assess their water risk exposure in order to implement sound water stewardship strategies. This includes addressing shared water risks at the watershed level.

    The challenge

    Water scarcity affects two-thirds of the world’s population. Competing demands for water continue to rise (from agriculture, households, energy generation, industrial use, ecosystems, etc.) and the effects of climate change are exacerbating the challenges associated with water quality and availability. This creates new risks for businesses, governments, communities and the environment. 

    The business case

    Companies face physical and non-physical risks driven by competition for water, pollution, regulation and climate change. Water scarcity or flooding, as well as regulatory, financial and reputational risks due to water can lead to business disruption. At the same time, investing in sustainable water management offers opportunities to improve operational performance and gain a competitive advantage.

    The solution

    We help companies move from water risk assessment to the implementation of collaborative response strategies within and outside their fence. Our goal is to ensure companies integrate water into their business strategy, set meaningful targets using suitable metrics, value water appropriately, collectively address shared water risks, raise awareness among their stakeholders, and contribute to policies that support business investments in water-smart solutions.

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