Wastewater Impact Assessment Tool (WIAT)

Wastewater Impact Assessment Tool (WIAT) is a one-of-a kind, free and public GIS-based tool which enables companies to conduct site-level assessments of the pressures resulting from industrial wastewater. It aims to help users understand the change in the state of nature and the resulting impact on climate, biodiversity and water security. It does so by taking site level data and calculating impact for three key indicators: water quality, water availability and GHG emissions from wastewater treatment. As the only tool that calculates GHG emissions (scope 2 & 3) of industrial wastewater it therefore highlights the energy-water nexus which plays a crucial role in strengthening the water agenda internally.

WIAT is aligned and can help companies with assessing and prioritising their sites for Science Based Targets for Freshwater (SBtN) methodology and additionally, matches user data entered with widely adopted disclosure frameworks CDP and GRI for greater efficiency. Data is completely confidential, and not stored in the tool. 

At World Water Week 2023, WBCSD hosted an online showcase of WIAT running a brief demo and highlighting its key benefits for businesses. The video also showcases experiences from H&M and Chevron who have tested the tool. The session recording can be found here.

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