WASH Pledge communications toolkit

Published: 1 Jun 2020
Type: Publication

The WASH Pledge communications toolkit has been created for signatories of the WASH Pledge.

Please use this communications toolkit to help spread the word about your commitment to invest in a safer, healthier, more productive workforce.

How can you use the toolkit?

  • Use the information provided here as a guidance for your media releases or news alerts.
  • Use the sample social media posts to announce your pledge commitment. Please make sure you tag us so that we can share your commitment to ensuring WASH in your business.
  • Encourage other businesses or peers to join the commitment by sharing the link to the WASH pledge site.
  • You can use the resources provided in the toolkit to be circulated amongst your staff/stakeholders and spread the word.
  • We encourage all Pledge signatories to submit a case study after implementing the Pledge in their business. Please refer to the case study template provided in this toolkit for guidance.

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