The road to Wastewater Zero is data driven - Issue brief

Published: 25 Aug 2021
Type: Publication

WBCSD in partnership with CDP and UN-Habitat is developing a 'Wastewater Zero' initiative to mobilize business action to reduce impact of improper wastewater management and drive performance improvements to support the elimination of industrial wastewater pollution by 2030.  This work is a continuation of 'Wastewater Zero - A call to action for business to raise ambition for SDG 6.3' report launched by WBCSD in 2020 that highlights the critical role business play in eliminating wastewater pollution and contributing to global climate, freshwater biodiversity and water security goals.

Eliminating wastewater pollution is dependent on the availability of robust, consistent and actionable data that can be used by policy makers, municipal wastewater facilities and industries for informed decision-making.

This issue brief highlights the data gaps, role of business in data monitoring and reporting and how Wastewater Zero initiative aims to change the way companies collect, analyze and share data.

View the issue brief.

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