The implications of integrating social impact and driving social innovation on how talent is sourced and skills are developed

Skills for social innovation


27 September, 2016



Increasingly many businesses are prioritizing social innovation strategies and aligning these within their overall business strategy. These businesses understand the proven business benefits of being able to build future markets, strengthen supply chains, leverage finance and upgrade top talent acquisition and retention to be better poised for long-term growth and competitiveness.

Businesses often lack the depth of talent for key leadership roles necessary to reshape strategy and introduce new initiatives. In order to bridge this gap, businesses are looking at adapting their traditional approaches to hiring and employee development, and seeking to determine and incorporate additional skills to help the company succeed in social innovation activities.

Through research and interviews with leaders who are integrating social innovation in their businesses, this report identifies the key skills and capabilities that businesses need to look for when hiring and developing talent to drive social innovation as a core aspect of business growth. Additionally, we provide recommendations to businesses on embedding social innovation into the company culture in such a way that talent with these skill sets can thrive.