Living benefits’ in sustainable cities enabled by business solutions


14 December, 2016



The rising trend of urbanization and population growth are increasing the strain on existing and developing cities, presenting both complex challenges and opportunities with respect to social well-being and environmental sustainability.

Too often do we use a silo-lens when examining the health and sustainability of cities, with the focus often placed on governments and city planners. While progress certainly cannot be achieved without these players, there is a clear and compelling business imperative for companies to solve the unique challenges cities currently, and will increasingly continue to face.

Based on our research, this report identifies examples of cities that have made significant progress in solving pressing challenges, while also exploring the potential for businesses to play a larger role in these solutions, with the ultimate goal of enabling urban citizens to adopt and maintain sustainable lifestyles.

This report provides insight for companies interested in understanding the interplay between cities, citizens, and businesses, the challenges and complexities that remain to be solved, and the power businesses hold to effect change and enable the future sustainable prosperity of cities worldwide.