Climate Smart Agriculture – accelerating progress towards the Paris Agreement


18 June, 2018




We need to transform our agricultural production systems to achieve greater productivity, be more resource efficient, and become more resilient to risks, shocks and long-term climate variability. WBCSD has convened a group of companies from the food and agriculture sector to address the dual challenges posed by climate change, and the need to satisfy the nutritional requirements of a growing global population. Our work focuses on how this can be achieved while simultaneously preserving natural resources and improving the livelihoods of farmers around the world. This takes solid collaboration between a broad range of value chain actors. Our members are committed to building these key partnerships with farmers, communities, governments, NGOs and the scientific community to address the 3 pillars of Climate Smart Agriculture: productivity, resilience and GHG emissions mitigation. Our work addresses areas that are critical in achieving the global ambition of the project to make 50% more nutritious food available globally, while reducing agricultural and land use change emissions by 50% by 2030: 

  • Building smallholder/family farmer resilience 
  • Scaling-up investment in CSA  
  • Improving businesses’ ability to trace, measure and monitor CSA progress  
  • Implementing agriculture-driven zero deforestation and sustainable land-use commitments 
  • Mainstreaming investment in in soil health 
  • Reducing food loss and waste in the value chain 

Fast action at large scale is critical, so we are leading CSA projects in five priority regions around the world: ASEAN, Brazil, India, North America and West Africa. Each project focuses on local needs and considers climate change vulnerability, adaptation capacity, donors, local partners and project member company operations. Our collective action includes the deployment and adoption of digital and data-driven solutions and linking markets to production systems.

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