BIMG Beacon Projects Report 2024


27 February, 2024



Discover the transformative initiatives showcased in the inaugural BIMG Beacon Projects Report 2024, a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution and tackling inequality. These projects, executed by Business and Industry Major Group (BIMG) members and SMEs, exemplify innovative business-led partnerships and collaborations on both global and local scales. 

Aligned with the theme of UNEA-6, the report emphasizes solutions at a systems level, offering insights into how businesses, alongside civil society, government, and international organizations, can drive positive, inclusive outcomes for society. 

This report illustrates the value-creation possible in developing or emerging economies and the transformative impacts that are possible in local communities. It also shows how developed economies are working with emerging ones, to overcome shared challenges. Many of these examples offer scope for further growth and have the potential to be replicated, extended and scaled. 

Explore the 35 leading Beacon Projects featured in the report, highlighting the significant impact of multilateral coordination and forward-thinking strategies. From sector-specific initiatives to local and global endeavors, these projects demonstrate the potential for creating value and opportunities across diverse economies. 

Through these examples, we aim to inspire organizations and stakeholders to embark on ambitious initiatives leveraging the latest technology and innovative thinking. Join us in accelerating the sustainability transformation and shaping a brighter future for all. 

Participating organizations:

Adec Innovations, Botejana Entreprises, Citeo, CLOMA, Confederation of Indian Industry, CropLife International, Ecoplastile EnerGeo, Global Dairy Platform, IFA, INDA, Ipieca, Mining Association of Canada, MYCL-Indonesia, NYC Fair Trade Coalition, SEED, Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology, The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance, The Vinyl Institute, Vinyl Plus, WBCSD, World Coating Council, WFTO, Wuchi Wami.

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The views and example initiatives expressed herein represent a collation of various viewpoints emerging from a series of discussions and a collection of initiative descriptions voluntarily submitted by various members of the Business Industry Major Group. They do not necessarily reflect the individual institutional viewpoints of any of the Organisations who contributed, or of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.