WBCSD and leading companies formalize the Corporate Mobility Pact with the City of Lisbon

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09 December, 2019




Lisbon, 9 December 2019: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Lisbon City Council, BCSD Portugal and 56 leading companies and institutions take an important step with the signing of the Corporate Mobility Pact (CMP). Stakeholders have committed to over 200 mobility actions to make mobility more sustainable in Lisbon .

The following are signatories to the Covenant: Accenture; Acciona; Adene; ANA – Airports of Portugal; Arcadis; Atlantic Bank Europe; Barqueiro Transportation; BNP Paribas; Breeze; Caetano Auto; Rails; Circ; Agricultural Credit; CTT; DECO; Deloitte; DHL Express Portugal; DPD; Eaton; eCooltra; EDF Renewables Portugal; EDP; Efacec; El Corte English; IT’S HONEY; Epal; EY; Fujitsu; Salesian Foundation; Galp; Ageas Portugal Group; Hertz; IKEA Portugal; National Press Mint; Portugal’s infrastructures; Kia Portugal; Log system; Free Shops in Portugal, S.A .; Loyal Advisory; Mercedes-Benz Portugal; Lisbon Metropolitan E.P.E .; Millennium bcp; Nissan Portugal; PwC; Repsol; Lisbon bus station; Santander; Schneider Electric; SGS Portugal; Siemens; Siva; Technoplane; TIS; TramGrid; Uber and Vodafone. This group may be joined by others in the future.

This initiative is a response to the challenge of the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, for whom “decarbonization presents itself as the greatest challenge of our generation. We need to reduce our emissions and make all types of transport more sustainable. Every day counts and every action is important. ”

The CMP catalyzes business leadership and aims to accelerate the transformation of urban mobility. The signatories will adopt a set of measures that will help the city of Lisbon to have a safer, accessible, greener and more efficient mobility system, in accordance with the fundamental principles of collaboration, commitment, transparency and security.

The Pact aims to contribute to a more sustainable mobility in Lisbon by promoting a supply and demand for multimodal solutions, firstly by creating conditions for employees to adopt new behaviors and solutions and, also by extending these measures to suppliers and customers.

“The Corporate Mobility Pact in Lisbon sets the path to success and we need other businesses and cities around the world to use this model for their own transformation and to support inclusive and sustainable growth,” said Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD.

According to Miguel Gaspar, Councilor for Mobility of the Lisbon City Council, “the city will provide the necessary conditions to ensure that commitments are measured and that dialogue continues.”

Also for private sector leaders, the signing of this Pact is an important step:

“Transformation is persistent and coherent, and Lisbon gives us a good example of both when the House maintains its own agenda, and when the House, companies and WBCSD are able to materialize in what was once just a long-term vision, ”said Vasco de Mello, President and CEO of Brisa, in this regard.

“As leaders of some of the world’s most sustainable companies, we must step up efforts and work with other businesses, customers, value chains and cities to leverage the development of concrete solutions and achieve the transformation of sustainable mobility,” said Antonio. Mexia, CEO of EDP.

“We have the technology, the means and the knowledge to contribute to the decarbonization of cities and we are excited to share our experience with Lisbon and with the institutions and companies, particularly those that sign this pact, to make mobility sustainable. a reality in the near future, ”said António Melica, Managing Director of Portugal at Nissan Iberia, SA.

“We have the ambition to develop Enterprise Mobility Pacts in other cities around the world, using the city of Lisbon as a successful model for public-private collaboration,” said Peter Oosterveer, CEO of Arcadis.

For João Wengorovius Meneses, Secretary-General of BCSD Portugal, “it is time to act. The Enterprise Mobility Pact provides companies with collaboration, innovation and ambitious goals. These are the means that will help us achieve our vision of sustainable cities. Leading with action, acting fast and focusing on impact will get us there. ”

For more details, contact:

Inês Amorim, ines.amorim@bcsdportugal.org, Learning and Innovation Manager | BCSD Portugal

Rita Slang, rita.giria@bcsdportugal.org, Head of Communication | BCSD Portugal