Tire Industry Project releases 2019 Global End-of-Life-Tire Management report

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04 December, 2019




Geneva, 4 December 2019: The Tire Industry Project (TIP) has published its 2019 report on the global state of End-of-Life Tire (ELT) management.

Using data on ELT management practices from 45 countries, the report “Global ELT Management – A global state of knowledge on regulation, management systems, impacts of recovery and technologies”, includes:

  • An overview of current and prospective regulations, ELT management systems (collection, transport & intermediate treatment stages)
  • The distribution of ELT across recovery methods, products and applications
  • A better understanding of the feasibility of different recovery route categories and associated methods, products and applications
  • An overview of studies conducted on the risk of impacts on health and the environment and
  • A panorama of advanced technology and innovations in ELT recovery to overcome risks and improve viability

The report updates an earlier TIP ELT report – published in January 2018 – and contributes toward the TIP objective of advancing ELT management globally through the identification and sharing of best practices.

The report is available here.