The Circular Transition Indicators (CTI): Now available in Spanish

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14 January, 2021




Together with our partner in Chile Acción Empresas and KPMG Colombia we launched the Spanish translation of the Circular Transition Indicators framework with a view to support companies in Spanish-speaking countries to actively managing their circular transition.

The framework is simple, applicable across industries and value chains, comprehensive yet flexible, complementary to a company’s existing sustainability efforts and agnostic as to material, sector or technology. Central to the CTI stands a self-assessment that determines a company’s circular performance. To support and guide companies through this process, we have partnered with Circular IQ to develop the CTI online tool available at

Acción Empresas, the biggest sustainability network of companies in the Chilean market – and also WBCSD’s Global Network partner in the country, has organized a virtual event convened on 14 January, chaired by Marcela Bravo, its CEO. The public event included a short presentation of the CTI framework from Irene Martinetti, Circular Economy Manager at WBCSD together with Juanita Lopez, Director at KPMG Impact and Climate Change & Sustainability Services.

Within the framework of the work developed by Acción Empresas in the circular economy, and more specifically in the Agreement on Clean Production from Zero Waste to Elimination, the translation of the framework in Spanish was essential for the application in the national companies and in other Spanish-speaking countries.

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