Nestlé to provide transparency on the nutritional value of its portfolio

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17 November, 2022


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Nestlé announced new commitments to help bring balanced diets within reach for people around the world. The company will make the nutritional value of its global portfolio transparent in its yearly reporting, starting with the 2022 Annual Report. In 2023, Nestlé will also start reporting on local portfolios in 14 countries using their respective government-endorsed front-of-pack labeling systems. These commitments build on the belief that transparency is key to trust. They are also an extension of the company’s long track record of helping people enjoy a variety of foods and beverages as part of a balanced diet.

The commitments are part of Nestlé’s efforts to grow and expand certain segments of its portfolio, including nutritious plant-based and children’s products. To continuously improve the nutritional value of its foods and beverages, the company will leverage its R&D capabilities and advanced nutrient profiling system. Additionally, it will expand its offering of affordable, nutritious foods and beverages. In 2021, Nestlé delivered 124.6 billion servings of affordable nutrition fortified with at least one of the following micronutrients of public health relevance: Iron, Iodine, Vitamin A and Zinc.

Driving transparency using a recognized external nutrition benchmark