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03 March, 2016




Deployment of Right/Left turn filtering lanes suggested for Indore by WBCSD is recommended nation-wide. 

Translated title” Wherever you want to go, you will get Public Transport
Sub Headline: One shall get the Cycles (IBike) and rental two wheeler (IRide) to reach destination
Based on the recommendations from WBCSD report and meetings with the city, Indore city administration and city Bus Company have taken the initiative to provide integrated public transport for each individual. Connectivity of between transport modes will be ensured from first to last mile. Initiatives such as allowing bicycles on buses, bike sharing, 2-wheelers rental, BRT and mini-buses will be part of the public transport system. A tender has been launched and the integrated mobility network will be fully deployed in 4 years. All national level newspapers are covering our reporting for city’s development. See more

An integrated smart card will be launched. It will allow to integrate ticketing across all modes public transportation modes. See more