Guidehouse – Navigating the Decarbonization Journey


10 September, 2021


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WBCSD Communications

Success strategies for multinational corporations transitioning to a carbon-free future

The global business community has reached a new era: Climate action is an economic imperative. The world must be carbon neutral by 2050, and multinational corporations have a key role to play in achieving that outcome.

A new white paper from Guidehouse details the critical role multinational corporations must play in the global transition to net zero. Navigating the Decarbonization Journey: Success Strategies for Multinational Corporations Transitioning to a Carbon-Free Future explores the challenges corporations often experience when looking to decarbonize, including a lack of subject matter expertise and technical proficiency, challenges in shifting to circular business models, disparate data sets, supply chain complications, and high capital requirements. The paper provides the shared success factors emerging from current decarbonization efforts, and how those principles can be applied to help corporations navigate their toughest decarbonization challenges.

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