Givaudan launches climate positivity campaign

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22 September, 2021


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On 20 September, Givaudan launched its new climate positivity campaign. See the full details below, and visit their page for more information

Givaudan we’re positive about climate action. 

The climate crisis is driving a global conversation about the future of our planet. As one of the biggest, most urgent challenges facing society, that conversation can feel overwhelmed with fear and negativity. Hope, optimism and action have never mattered more. 

We believe that positivity creates possibility. That’s why we’re working towards a bold ambition to become climate positive before 2050. This means removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we put in, by tackling emissions in our operations and in our supply chain. And it means building on our 250-year legacy to create a future in which the next generations not only survive, but thrive. 

To be successful, we must imagine what that better, climate positive 2050 could look like – because if we do not imagine it, we cannot build it. We must imagine the future through different eyes, harnessing the energy and optimism of those who will live with the outcomes of the decisions we take now and creating the future we imagine.

We must act with courage and energy; we must live our climate commitments, and demonstrate our love for nature, through the actions we take – big and small. We must collaborate with our partners, our suppliers and our customers as we grow together on this journey and strive to be a force for good. 

From setting and pursuing stringent targets aligned to the latest climate science, to reducing our packaging footprint, changing how we formulate our ingredients and how we move our products, rethinking how we travel ourselves, and engaging our supply chain on climate action, we must continue to imagine better every day.

Driven by our purpose, we see many opportunities: to do things differently, to push ourselves to go further and to positively impact the communities and ecosystems in which we live and operate. 

At Givaudan we believe the future is worth being positive about.  

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It’s an exciting journey. Let’s imagine together. 

Love for nature, Love the future #climatepositivity