Fujitsu pioneering supply chain CO2 visualization with successful participation in WBCSD PACT Implementation program

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13 September, 2023


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Fujitsu Limited

Aiming for net-zero through visualization and data linkage of CO2 emissions

Outline of this implementation

1. Overview:

  • Target product:Fujitsu’s Notebook PC
  • Supplier levels:Upstream suppliers in the supply chain for Fujitsu’s notebook manufacturing (Tiers 1, 2, 3)
  • Data integration items:PCF data based on the Pathfinder Framework
  • Solution:Fujitsu Track and Trust, and Zeroboard, which are PACT conformant solutions based on the Pathfinder Network

2. Roles and responsibilities of each company:

  • Fujitsu (Tier0): Lead Company, , responsible for building stakeholder relationships and overall promotion. PACT conformant solution provider.
  • Nagase & Co., Ltd (Tier2): Specialized chemical trading company with extensive network in OA equipment supply chain. As a Tier2 supplier, he is responsible for acquiring partners, collecting data from the supply chain, and collaborating with them.
  • Zeroboard Inc.: Provider of Zeroboard, a PACT conformant solution, utilized Zeroboard for data integration with Nagase & Co., Ltd.
  • Supporting Companies: KUNIMORI KAGAKU Co., Ltd. (Tier1) manufactured PC enclosures; LOTTE CHEMICAL CORPORATION (Tier3) provided resin materials; and SABIC’s Specialties business (Tier 3)