Fujitsu goes global with SDG Communities rollout

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25 June, 2021


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The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Building up talent within our organization

For Fujitsu, this is also an investment. Besides paid time, we have created a set of digital identities for people to show their affiliation with their chosen Community on their internal profile picture and their badge. We’ve also developed a specific talent management scheme for our junior talent.

We invite junior employees to become Enablers, which gives them access to a specially designed learning pathway focusing on virtual team management, communications, and project management. That way, we help them build their expertise related to the topic they are passionate about, and develop within our organization.

The feedback we’ve received has been very positive. People tell us they’ve appreciated the opportunity to talk about the things they’re passionate about and find out about the SDGs – not everyone was aware of them, so the SDG Communities| have created widespread awareness within Fujitsu of the focus on our purpose.

People across our global business have appreciated the opportunity to connect with people they otherwise never would have spoken to in support of a common cause. Finding these shared connections across our global organization creates the sense of a community, of being a Fujitsu employee with a purpose, and being able to deliver on that purpose.

The SDG Communities| are by no means the first CSR-focused initiative in Fujitsu Global Delivery. Our overarching program is called Responsible Business, and it’s active around the world. It focuses on the local communities in each area where we have a Global Delivery presence. We place a great deal of importance on community collaboration mainly through educational outreach, on our employees’ wellbeing, on having inclusive and enabled workforce, and the environmental impact of our operations and our services.

SDG Communities has shifted our CSR focus from local to global