First standardized guidelines to measure plastic pollution across corporate value chains published by the Plastic Leak Project

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09 March, 2020




Geneva, 9 March: The Plastic Leak Project recently released the Plastic Leak Project (PLP) Guidelines which provide businesses at all stages of the value chain with a robust, standardized method for calculating and reporting estimates of plastic and microplastic leakage at both the corporate and product level. These insights will provide businesses with a strong foundation to define meaningful and effective strategies and actions for eliminating plastic pollution.

WBCSD is proud to participate to the advisory committee of the Plastic Leak Project which was launched in 2019 by Quantis International and EA with a diverse network of global organizations from across industries to develop a science-based guidance for businesses to map, measure and forecast plastic leakage across their value chain.

These guidelines will help businesses develop robust science-based actions plans and become a catalyst for innovation and for creating circular models for managing plastics.  John Revess, Director Plastics & Packaging at WBCSD said “We welcome this development as companies face growing pressure from investors, consumers and increasingly governments to take urgent action toward a circular model of plastics management. This science-driven approach will enable companies to minimize environmental and reputational risks, uncover opportunities for product and supply chain management innovation and demonstrate leadership in tackling plastic pollution.”

Discover the Plastic Leak Project Guidelines here.