The fast lane to low carbon with integrated approaches

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21 July, 2023


WBCSD insights



Thomas Deloison, Director, Transport & Mobility, Esther Perrin, Associate, Mobility Digitalization at WBCSD, Claudia Daniel, Analyst Sustainability Strategy at Accenture

As business leaders develop and implement roadmaps to decarbonize operations, they face tradeoffs between costs and emissions reductions, what is technically feasible, and the return on investment. By adopting an integrated approach, companies can align the decarbonization business case with medium and long-term sustainability plans and investment cycles:

Integrated approaches allow companies to chart a new course that is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional, siloed approaches to decarbonization. Integration can become a red thread connecting building managers with energy procurement and fleet managers, as well as sustainability and financial executives – making decarbonization a company-wide strategy. 

  • Knowledge and advocacy – highlighting the value of integrated approaches through thought leadership and best practices sharing.
  • Integrated approach pilots – launching real-life applications of integrated approaches with member companies and building roadmaps for operational decarbonization.
  • Tools and guidance development – supporting the development of an open-access tool to help companies estimate the benefits from integrated approaches and produce focused guidance on financing, governance and policy outlooks.