Driving Solutions at Scale: Reflections from Peter Bakker on WBCSD’s 29th Liaison Delegate Meeting

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02 May, 2024


Insights from the CEO


We drew the curtains on our 29th Liaison Delegate meeting two weeks ago, and I am profoundly inspired by the collective dedication and resolve demonstrated by each of our members during this important event. With over 600 attendees and staff, this year’s gathering marks the largest in WBCSD’s history, a testament to the growing recognition that the world has turned to business leaders to drive solutions at scale.

The urgency of our mission has never been more apparent. With only six years remaining until the world reaches the critical 1.5°C threshold, the imperative for system transformation resonates louder than ever before. It is evident that we must act now to avert the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

While we acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead, I am confident that through collective and bold action, we can scale the solutions to drive a net-zero, nature-positive, and equitable future. The last three days have been a testament to this belief, as we witnessed key moments and outcomes that underscore our shared commitment to meaningful change.

During our plenaries, we delved into the essential pillars for business transformation, exploring strategies to drive innovation across value chains and enhance accountability and transparency. Moreover, our partnership with CEBDS to drive business action towards COP30 in Brazil signals our proactive approach towards global sustainability efforts.

The extension of the Business Commission to Tackle Inequality for another two years underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering a just transition. Additionally, the launch of the Preparer Forum for Sustainability Disclosure and the funding to advance the standardization of avoided/intervention-based emissions accounting mark significant milestones in our journey toward comprehensive sustainability.

As we embark on our 30th year together, I hope to see accelerated effort from business. With that, I presented to our members five actionable steps that they can take to catalyze further progress:

  1. Collaborate with our Climate team to identify and implement strategies to reduce business emissions by at least 10% more by 2030.
  2. Engage with our Nature team to incorporate 3-5 nature-positive metrics into transition plan.
  3. Prioritize human rights by initiating discussions on inequality within companies boardroom.
  4. Conduct a board-level review of the risks and opportunities associated with climate and nature.
  5. Integrate sustainability into all business functions and communicate any education needs to our team.

Looking forward, the upcoming China Two Lakes Dialogue in July will deepen practical business collaboration between leading companies and decision-makers within China and internationally. I then look forward to reconvening with all our members at our Council Member Meeting in September, where we will continue to chart the course towards a sustainable and equitable future. 

With everyone‘s unwavering commitment and dedication, I am confident that together with our members, we can make a truly significant and quantifiable difference. Let us have a reason to celebrate 30 years together at next years’ Liaison Delegate meeting.