The Circular Transition Indicators: Now available in Chinese

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26 July, 2022




Today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), BCSD Taiwan and KPMG launched version 3.0 of the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) in traditional Chinese.

CTI provides a transparent and comparable framework for measuring circular performance. It helps companies track their progress and collaborate better with internal and external partners. CTI is built by business for business and can be applied to companies of all industries, sizes, value chain positions and geographies.

To support and guide companies through the CTI assessment, WBCSD has partnered with Circular IQ to develop the CTI online tool, available at

The circular economy is an economic model that is regenerative by design. In a circular economy, organizations collaborate to design out waste, increase resource productivity and maintain resource use within planetary boundaries. At the heart of the business case for circularity sits the opportunity for companies to create more value by being smarter about how they use products and materials.

Complementary to the new translation of CTI v3.0, WBCSD and BCSD Taiwan, in collaboration with the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable, are also publishing a Water Circularity Metric in traditional Chinese outlining how to measure, set targets and monitor progress on water circularity.

BCSD Taiwan is a non-profit business organization with more than 60 members from leading companies in Taiwan, China. The organization has been WBCSD’s Global Network partner since 1997 and is working toward its mission to assist Taiwanese businesses in building a clear roadmap for corporate sustainability, with CTI as one of their focus areas.

If you are interested in exploring the CTI methodology, please get in touch with Irene Martinetti, Manager, Circular Economy, at

For more information about the Chinese versions of CTI v3.0 and the Water Circularity Metric, please contact Kelly Liao, Specialist, Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development, at