Bunge surpasses non-deforestation and sustainability targets in indirect supply chains in South America

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24 May, 2022


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  • Action on Climate: Bunge is reinforcing its commitment to climate action through the implementation of science-based targets (SBTs) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the company’s operations and throughout its supply chains. 
  • Responsible Supply Chains: Bunge is publishing its 2022 Global Non-Deforestation Progress Report, highlighting that it has achieved 100% traceability data for our direct-to-farm purchases for priority areas in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. 
  •  Accountability: Bunge is continuing to share key milestones, recognitions and programs with stakeholders regarding the most relevant commitments and time-bound targets.
  • To read Bunge’s Global Sustainability Report and detailed progress toward its non-deforestation commitment, visit bunge.com/sustainability.