APP Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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19 April, 2024




Geneva, Switzerland 19 April 2024 – APP Group has joined more than 200 leading global companies as the newest World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) member.

APP Group oversees multiple pulp and paper manufacturing and forestry enterprises in Indonesia to meeting the growing global demand for tissue, packaging, and paper products in over 150 countries.

By joining forces with other industry leaders within WBCSD, APP is set to further enhance its sustainable development efforts and integrate these principles into its business operations, aligned with WBCSD’s mission to accelerate the required transformation of businesses, their value chains, and the systems in which they operate, to limit the impact of the climate crisis, restore nature and tackle inequality.

APP has implemented a comprehensive sustainability approach and is committed to transparent ESG disclosures. Its ERM aligns with key ESG risks. APP’s participation as a WBCSD member also aims to advance progress toward achieving its ambitious sustainability goals – including net-zero emissions by 2050, setting targets for forest conservation, upholding human rights, promoting inclusion and diversity, and maintaining transparency in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

“Joining the WBCSD is a crucial step for APP Group in reinforcing our dedication to environmental and social responsibility and assuring our stakeholders of our commitment to not only meet but exceed global standards. This collaboration aligns with our goals, set out in our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030, and enables us to further enhance our capacity to implement effective solutions for a sustainable future,” stated Andrie Setiawan Yapsir, Director of APP Group.

“We’re excited to welcome APP as our newest member to the WBCSD network. Their dedication to sustainability, exemplified through their Sustainability Roadmap, aligns with our mission to drive the transition toward a world where 9+ billion people can live well, within planetary boundaries. We eagerly anticipate the collaborative impact APP will bring to our network, strengthening our collective endeavour to transform industries and societies toward a sustainable future,” said WBCSD President & CEO, Peter Bakker.

Looking ahead APP remains determined to translate its sustainability ambitions into concrete actions. For APP, joining the WBCSD is more than just a membership; it is a commitment to lead, innovate, and transform. Together with the WBCSD and its members, APP is dedicated to contributing to a global agenda that balances the needs of both people and the planet.