How to align hydrogen investments with a 1.5°C pathway


09 February, 2023




To put these criteria into practice, WBCSD recommends businesses to take the following actions:  

  • Map how they can reduce the full lifecycle carbon intensity (CI) of their hydrogen investments over time to reach net-zero carbon emissions in 2050 and plan to invest in those CI reduction measures throughout the life cycle of their projects;  
  • Decarbonize existing grey hydrogen units in line with the global decarbonization required to meet a 1.5°C scenario;  
  • Deploy new hydrogen production with the lowest possible carbon intensity as a starting point; 
  • Respect IEA and WBCSD’s redlines for blue hydrogen; 
  • Invest in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction measures to ensure those investments have net-zero carbon emissions in 2050.